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WeSeWriMo 2015 – Episode or Chapter 3 – Robbery on the Railways 1830-1899

The first recorded robbery on the railways took place in Ireland between Dublin and Kingstown in August 1842. Details were printed in Freemans Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser of Friday August 19 1842 under a heading of “Extensive Railway Robbery” … Continue reading

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A year in the Life of an Indie Writer

Hello again Readers Exactly one year ago today I uploaded my first book to the Kindle Book Store on Amazon. Launched on a wing  and a prayer, it was the realisation of a dream. I sent no drafts away  to … Continue reading

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Arsenic Sally is Go! 5 Days to Launch! How Book 2 Began….

Hello again  Readers It has been a long  time since my last blog but I have been very busy these past few months. I have used the long cold and dark days of  winter to research and write my second … Continue reading

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