The Holy Grail for all Writers… Get your book on Page 1 of Google!

Hello again Readers

I have just returned from a holiday in Miami and suitably refreshed I am now going to present my promised blog about how to get your book / novel / novella high in Google’s search rankings….

The absolute holy grail for any web page designer is to carefully construct a web page so that it appears on page 1 on any chosen search criteria on google. In simple terms  this means that if someone types in your book title in Google they will find it quickly and easily as the hyperlink to your page or blog will be on page 1. Better still is to be in the top section of page 1. Best of all is to have No 1 ranking! Is it possible for writers to achieve this? Yes it is and I have recently achieved it! Please check out the graphic below showing a screen print of Google showing my book at position 1…..

Savilles Spinney Rankings

In fact on the day in question when I captured this screen image, I held the top 3 rankings on my chosen search criteria ie book title of “Savilles Spinney”. First is a link to my ebook on Amazon, second is a link to a local Nottingham Forum where I placed information about my book and third is a link back to my WordPress blog where I have been blogging about my book for some time. Is this just good luck, have I been really lucky or is there is a process at work here? Can anyone get there book high in google rankings? Well yes I believe they can.

Here is another screen print taken on the same day with a different search criteria of “Colwick Murder 1844”

Colwick Murder 1844 rankings

Here again I have top rankings, with first a link to my blog and then a link to my ebook for sale on Amazon. Now just exactly how have I achieved that? Top rankings on two search criteria? Let me explain…

I have always been interested in the way the internet works and used to build web pages and websites, for myself and others some years ago. I learned the secret arts of making web pages search engine friendly. Basically there are two hugely important things you must do to get high in search engine rankings. You must embed what is called metadata in your web page or blog and also you must try to get your page or book linked to as many other web pages as possible. The metadata is two things – keywords that you guess that internet browsers will type in a search and also the title of your book. If you have created your own website you must put in the metadata yourself in the head of your home or index page. If like me you are using a blog like WordPress you must use categories and tags. Basically these are the keywords that people will use to find your book, so it must include the title and anything else that fits your story or book and certainly the major events and locations. WordPress then embeds these categories and tags in your online blog and web browsers can then find you and your blog….. and hopefully a link provided by your to your book for sale on Amazon or on your own dedicated website. Here is a screen print of one of my blogs on WordPress, check out the categories to the right…

Wordpress Categories

You can see a category of Colwick Murder 1844 which I believed helped me to reach a top ranking with those chosen keywords. Its not just about keywords though…

My journey into publishing my first e-book on July 2014 actually began back in April 2011 when I stumbled on this amazing story via an internet search. I was already a member of a Nottingham discussion forum so I began a new thread titled “Savilles Spinney” and requested help from locals – and they were very helpful and helped me with the story. Recently I returned to announce the publication of my book, and I included not just news but a hyperlink back to my book for sale on Amazon. In other words I put a pointer or navigation link back to my book. Here is a screen print of the Forum..

Nottingham forums

I have also put a link back to my book on Goodreads ( www.goodreads,com) and am pleased to see at least 7 people have chosen my book on their lists “to read” and one is apparently reading it now. You cannot have enough of these links back to your book, there is a definite correlation between these links and high search engine rankings.

Now let me return to my blog on WordPress. For my first book I wanted readers to be able to follow my journey from idea through to fully published book. I even uploaded draft chapters to read for free and using categories and tags noted with some satisfaction that my blog was usually very high in google rankings according to chosen criteria.

Well it all seems to have worked and I have little doubt that my planning and scheming has worked. Of course I have to say that that search engine rankings are dynamic and your book can rise and fall in google rankings as it can indeed in the Amazon sales charts. That said if you don’t or have not been using the categories or tags in WordPress. Have not been putting metadata in the head of your home page, and have not been putting hyperlinks to your book on Amazon…….dont worry! You can go back anytime and do all that…… and watch your book rise in the google rankings!

And finally, and something I really didn’t realise until very recently. Your book title is so very, very important. It needs to be interesting, inspiring, intriquing, different, and definitely not bland or boring. Keep it short, keep it simple. Do your research even before you start writing… has someone already used that title? What keywords will you use for the book? Type them into google and see what you find and check the rankings. Try to find a search engine friendly title – type it into Google ad what do you find?  I am already working on my second book and have researched a good title for it. Some people consider that your book cover is like a front door to a house, it needs to look interesting and inviting or readers could simply ignore it or pass it by. Think of your title as some shiny, bright numbers or name or plaque on your door, readers are intriqued, they stop, read and think, they simply have to know what lies behind this door and enter your world……

So readers, if you want high search engine rankings off you go…. Bang your drum, blow your trumpet, tell all and sundry about your work and don’t be bashful. Use all of your networks. You cannot know too many people and leave no stone unturned in your quest. You can try the local papers, radio stations, offer up a short condensed version of your story free of charge. Go on, shout it from the roof-tops, its your book and you want to see it succeed as do we all! Good luck and never ever stop working on it!

These are the thoughts and witterings of Indie Author Mike Sheridan currently working on his second book. Please feel free to share or re-blog this post to help other fellow creative spirits.

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July 2015...... I published my first book on Amazon - "Savilles Spinnney". On April 1st 2015 I published my second book - "Arsenic Sally". Christmas Day 2015 I published my third book " Murder Mystery and Mayhem on the Railways 1830-1899. That's 3 books in roughly 18 months. I enjoy researching and see no reason to stop writing. There will be many many more books and while I would love to be taken in by a publisher I am content to make my books available via Amazon. Keep checking my blogs for updates about my upcoming projects......
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