The Bones of Robin Hood found on Maid Marian Way, Nottingham?

Source: Rhead, Louis. (1857-1926) “Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band: Their Famous Exploits in Sherwood Forest“. New York: Blue Ribbon Books, 1912

Interesting little snippet of news in today’s edition of the Nottingham Post………

“THE bones of legendary outlaw Robin Hood are believed to have been discovered in Maid Marian Way, in Nottingham.

The ancient remains were found by staff from North Midland Construction who were carrying out work outside Castle Sound and Vision.

Arrowheads, pottery and a sandstone plaque engraved with “RH” were also uncovered at the site, giving more clues to the person’s identity.

Now, after carbon dating and DNA testing over the weekend, archaeologist Doug Skelton said there was “little doubt” the remains belonged to Nottingham’s favourite son. “The arrowheads, pottery and other finds at the site all point to a date in the mid or late 13th century, and this is also consistent with the style of the lettering in the inscription,” he said.

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Now before you get TOO excited just look at the name of the archaeologist and DONT forget today’s date. Yes its April 1st folks, ALL FOOLS DAY, and anyone falling for this is clearly……… a FOOL! The achaeologist aka Dug Skeleton, clearly is pulling your leg. Grave stones were not used at the time of “Robin Hood”. It would also be very hard to find the bones of a legend. So sorry to have to tell you this but there is no evidence that Robin Hood ever really existed except in legend. Even then this legendary “Son of Nottingham” may actually have come from Yorkshire! Ayup me duck, that cant be right can it? Yes, sorry, its all one big tale, and like all tales it seems to get longer in the telling. This is probably the best April 1st spoof story this year. It has become a feature of the UK press and sometimes even TV to pull a stunt like this. All harmless fun but I have little doubt there will be someone out there who actually believes it.

What was it Mark Twain said ? You can fool some of the people some of the time………… etc etc

These are the thoughts and twitterings of researcher and writer Mike Sheridan who is currently researching and writing the story of a more infamous “Son of Nottingham”……. and wouldnt you know it………… he doesnt actually come from Nottingham either though he really is buried in a Nottingham grave!!

Herewith some bedtime reading about Robin Hood from Wikipedia

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