Do I show or do I tell?

Hello again Readers.

I am preparing myself for a Writer’s conference next week in Harrogate. I hope to pitch my story at this event and will need a good synopsis. I will also need a complete first chapter. Now here is my dilemma. My research is complete and I am finally ready to write. The question is…. do I show or do I tell? My head tells me to tell the story , very much in the style of Kate Summerscale’s Suspicions of Mr. Whicher and Kate Colquhoun’s Mr Briggs Hat. This way I can make great use of all the information I have gleaned from contemporary newspapers. I can freely use all of the real life characters and I can include all the early Victorian words, phrases and grammar. The plot will be shaped by real life events and I wont have to create any new characters. My heart tells me to tell a story within a story, to take one of the characters and let  that person tell the story looking back after an interval of about twenty years after the event. This way I could create a fast paced novel with a plot of its own and invent a character or two. In doing this though I will have to take editorial liberties as here I plan to give a major character a problem to solve.

So I have decided to solve my problem I will write two  different opening chapters and  then see how they shape up. I may be able to get a professional opinion next week but in any event I need to make up my mind. By the end of next week I should have made my final decision. Next Thursday 18th July  I hope to pitch my novel at publishers and agents,though there is no guarantee I will be drawn out of the hat. On Friday 19th July I return to Harrogate for a one hour workshop on historical crime featuring Kate Summerscale no less. If I cant get going after two days of inspiration like that then its time to give up!

I do hope to publish a live blog from Harrogate both days and if not live then one should be posted up at sometime both days. I will keep an account of both days events including how I fared in Dragons Pen ( if they let me in). Shortly thereafter I will publish  my synopsis in my blog. As I start writing I will also publish a Prologue and then start to release the first chapter a section at a time. All will be made available right here in my blog.

Its been almost two years in the planning and many many days indeed weeks researching but my first novel is now starting to come together. It has been an interesting ride so far, now lets see what happens these next few months…………This could turn out to be veeeery interesting!

About bakersfieldlad

July 2015...... I published my first book on Amazon - "Savilles Spinnney". On April 1st 2015 I published my second book - "Arsenic Sally". Christmas Day 2015 I published my third book " Murder Mystery and Mayhem on the Railways 1830-1899. That's 3 books in roughly 18 months. I enjoy researching and see no reason to stop writing. There will be many many more books and while I would love to be taken in by a publisher I am content to make my books available via Amazon. Keep checking my blogs for updates about my upcoming projects......
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