Signs of Evil…another weird dream!

Hello again readers.

Today I should have been attending a writing course. Sadly  the course had to be cancelled. The English lady running the course was unable to attend as she could not arrange house-sitters in time. I will tell you where the lady lives at the end of this blog. Now although I knew I wouldn’t be going off to my course today my imagination seems to have forgotten as it was clearly firing on all cylinders earlier this morning. I was woken around 06.30 by ‘er indoors going off to work. I struggled to get back to sleep but eventually nodded off and proceeded to have two odd dreams. I have read somewhere that we most often have dreams in the early hours, around 3.00-4.00 when we fall into a very deep  sleep that has been christened REM sleep. Maybe I am different as my dream today was definitely about 08.30! Ok I will now tell you about it……….

I was exploring an old house again with a companion and felt drawn to an upstairs room. In this room was a large old bed with a very suspicious-looking long bump in it. I tried to pull back the ancient bed covers but could not. Closer inspection revealed that the ancient thick cover was actually sewn right into the mattress and no amount of tugging and pulling would move it. Taking a sharp knife from my pocket I began to cut the individual stitches of strong cord one by one at the end of the bed. When one complete side of the cover was released I lifted up the middle section and was able to look inside. I could just make out a clothed body in the bed which looked mummified, skin still on the bones. I now started cutting the strings on the right hand of the mattress and when this was complete, cut all those along the top of the bed. This meant the cover was released on  three sides. I then threw the cover over and for the first time could clearly see the occupant of the bed. It was a woman with long grey hair, her arms were both raised over her head and her mouth was open with her head tilted back. She was fullly clothed but seem partly mummified, her eyes sunk back in the sockets. It looked like she had been there a very, very long time. I turned to shout to my companion, “Its a woman!” and  as I turned back the body twitched!! Before my eyes I saw colour slowly returning to her grey skin, her grey hair started to become a darker shade of grey  and then black. Her eyes started to slowly swell to fill the sockets and then ….. flickered open!  I was now looking into the deep dark eyes of a beautiful woman who now had me held fast in her icy stare. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another movement, something small had dropped off the bed on the opposite side to me. The next moment I saw another amazing sight. A small child, a girl was slowly rising on the far side of the bed and in looks she matched the larger figure. She moved to stand by the head of the older woman. I knew I had to break away from the gaze of the lady in the bed and did so with enormous difficulty. Wary of making eye contact again I looked at the floor and wall at the top of the bed. Another amazing sight, I could see earth-worms crawling through the walls! I knew I had to get out of that room but simply could not move. Three words kept ringing in my ears… Signs of Evil, SIGNS OF EVIL!!! Now the lady rose slowly from the bed and moved towards me………

………..Next moment I woke up yet I am sure I was actually saying those three words out  loud. Sadly as ‘er indoors had long-gone I dont know if I dreamed that or not!

Now readers, back to my writing course. It was organised by an English writer now living in Romania. Actually Transylvania to be precise! I kid you not, this dream really happened and the course leader does live in that location!

So what do you think reader? Was my subconcious mind preparing to meet the lady from Transylvania and if not where on earth did these ideas and thoughts come from??

Until next time…

………………………………………………Sleep tight!

These are the thoughts and witterings of aspiring writer Michael Sheridan who is actually writing a crime and not a horror story. Feel free to use this scene as a plot in anything you care to write!!

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3 Responses to Signs of Evil…another weird dream!

  1. abbspepper says:

    Speaking as the Transylvanian resident, I am mostly alive and mostly good, although I have my naughty moments. That’s quite a dream, Mike! And I must confess that the image of the mummified body in the bed is probably how I look most mornings… I wish I turned back into a raven-haired beauty in the morning light, but sadly…
    Isn’t it great how our deep and complicated unconscious minds take us to unexpected places? I was going to say ‘undreamt of’ but that’s clearly not the case here. But such imagination is a priceless asset for a writer of fiction. May your dreams be ever-fertile.

    • Thanks for your comment Abbs, I tried to think what could have sparked that dream and it was the day of your planned writing course so I presume my mind was fixed on that. I had another amazing vivid dream which I am sure was prompted by a book I had just completed – A picture of Dorian Gray. With both dreams I woke up still somehow involved in the dream ie the vamp dream I am sure I woke up actually saying those three words out loud! I am currently reading a set of ghost stories written by J Sheridan Le Fanu, latest one turns out to be about a ………………vampire and a very beautiful one!

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