Body of Last King of England to be killed in battle is found under a car park!

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Just heard some amazing news today and its all the more interesting to me as its about a very very historical incident!

Today 4th February 2013 the rumour is finally confirmed. A skeleton found in an archaeological dig in Leicester has been identified using dna evidence. The skeleton was found in what was once Greyfriars Church in Leicester and buried inside under the floor. The grave itself was unmarked and simply constructed with not enough space for the body  to be laid out fully. There was no coffin or shroud around the body and the hands were found still crossed, possibly indicating they had been bound. There were no feet but nearby a more modern building foundation had broken into one end of the grave.

The skeleton was carefully examined and found to be bearing numerous serious injuries inc ten separate battle wounds, some serious skull injuries plus smaller ones which would not have been fatal. Two blows to the back of the skull appeared to have caused death. Of great interest was an apparent curvature of the spine. The skeleton’s injuries and spinal deformity indicated it might be that of the lost King Richard III. History has not been kind to Richard. He was portrayed as a scheming hunchback by Shakesepeare, blamed for killing two Princes. He was the last King to die leading an army, killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field. His final resting place has long been a mystery. For 527 years the body was lost but it took modern DNA analysis to prove the battle scarred skeleton was indeed Richard III. By a strange series of events the mortal remains of this King have survived into the present day and will soon have a new grave in Leicester Cathedral. Being placed in a grave beneath the floor of a church provided a relatively dry location. When Greyfriars Church was demolished the site of the burial was lost. It seems hard to believe that a King of England lay below a humble council car park for many many years and could have so easily have been lost forever.

The team responsible for this amazing discovery deserve great credit and have added to our knowledge of English history. If you would like to learn some more I have placed a hyperlink below.


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