Murder Files;Killer on the Run

Hello again Readers. Its almost Christmas and I am still unpacking boxes in my new home. Still I managed to find some time to watch a second episode of a documentary on the UK Channel 5 about Murderers who go on the run but are ultimately caught by good and dogged detective work and not a little forensic detail. I am sure these episodes would be of interest to others, especially fellow crime writers hence this blog….

There have been three episodes so far, the latest concerned a UK-USA murder connection so could be of interest to a number of others. The latest episode I found on Youtube so hopefully y’all can find it, here’s the link and brief synopsis

Neil Entwistle, a British-born computer scientist, seemed to be living the
American dream, with a millionaire lifestyle in the New England town of
Hopkinton, Massachusetts. But on 20th January 2006, his wife Rachel and
nine-month-old daughter Lillian were found shot dead in the family’s master
bedroom and Entwistle became the prime suspect.

There are definite parallels with the story I am writing here. A killer on the run ( mine is quite literally on the hoof!) Complete denial of the murders. A refusal to accept guilt or make a full confession. The thing that really struck me here though was this……what motive did he have?

Last week I watched the Sketchbook Killer. This was the stuff of a modern crime story and could also have been a TV program but it is very violent and very bloody. Couldnt find a version to still watch but a link below will give a page where you can read more and gain a good idea of the story. A very disturbed and deranged man not only kills and chops women up, dumping their body parts in canals, he also keeps a sketchbook record, and one large collage of his crimes will lead to his conviction.

I havent seen the first episode called the Haircut Killer, about a man with a fetish for women’s hair. Another very seriously disturbed individual

There is one more episode to come in this series.Let me know if you want the details.

Well hope this may be of further use to someone out there in the blogosphere. I wont say enjoy it indeed if you are watching or reading over Christmas I hope it does not put you off the turkey! ( PS broadcasts took place after 9.00pm indicating its for adults only please!)  Something herein may just spark an idea or plot line for a fellow writer.

If you are not UK based and cannot watch or catch up with Channel 5 programs and want more detail please get in touch and I will do my best to help you.

This is aspiring crime writer Michael Sheridan signing off his last blog before Christmas and then needs to get busy with wrapping some presents!


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