Moving House……my agony is nearly over!

Hello again Readers, some of you may recall that my writing has been totally kaiboshed by an impending house move… well its just happened!

They say that moving house is just about one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. Really? Having suffered in extremis I would say that was a massive understatement! So anyway after living in Cheadle Hulme for almost exactly 29 years we decided to move to our new home in Derbyshire on the …… 29th November. My late father had this theory about numbers and how some were important to families. My eldest daughter was born on the 9th June, my younger daughter on the 29th of October. My father died on the 19th September. A lot of 9s in there, spooky or what?  Anyway I digress, back to the house move. We actually took possession of our new home on September 14th but could not move in. It needed flooring and carpets. The conservatory work started almost straight away. We then decided to fit a marble fireplace. That took a whole month to arrive and held all the other jobs up. Being awkward we decided to fit an electric fire and not gas as this new house has something amazing – a chimney no less! ( an electric fire will be easier and safer to remove than a gas one!) I wanted to fit a wood burner straight off but er indoors wanted a pretty fire. Er indoors won that one!  Next was the laminate oak flooring in the entire downstairs. The weekend after that was fitted I decided we could now install curtain poles downstairs, these were duly bought as were curtains from Dunelm Mill. I fitted in curtain pole bracket one and was drilling a hole for bracket two when water started shooting right past my ear! I had drilled through the tiniest ( micro bore) plastic central heating pipe that has been cleverly hidden in the wall. Of all the places  I could have drilled I managed to find that tiny pipe. Cue panic as we had been warned not to get the laminate floor wet. A bag of towels later the water was mopped up, heating and water turned off and the water slowed to a trickle but kept pulsing every five minutes as its a pressured system. We had to leave our brand new house with no heating and no water and couldnt get it fixed for three whole days. Next up was the fitted wardrobe fest, three out of four bedrooms got a fitted wardrobe each including a walk in wardrobe in Bedroom 2. We were slowly getting there. Next came the upstairs carpets and enter the carpet fitter from hell. He was supposed to come out to check the measurements at 9.00 on a Monday. I had to leave my old home at the crack of doom and catch 2 trains to get to the new place by this time. My carpet guy had a completely different attitude to keeping appointments – he didnt! At 10.00 he rang  to say he would be round at 3.00. I said he wouldnt! He grudgingly arrived at 11.00 and measured up. Seven days later he was due back to fit the upstairs carpets in 4 bedrooms and on the stairs and landing. Expecting him around 9.00- 9.30 I was not amused when he rang at 9.15  and said he had another job first! I was not happy and made this clear. He eventually rolled up at 11.25. I had decided if he wasnt at my property by 12.00 the contract was going  to get cancelled. He set to work and I left him to it. By 3.30 he announced he was finished and I inspected the work. He had carpeted only 2 of 3 planned bedrooms and didnt tell me anything about a fault I found in one carpet. The man was rude told, me a pack of lies and I wanted him out of my house. No way was I going to pay him any fitting fee. A few days later a couple of different guys came back to finish the job and all was fine.

It was now time to empty the storage unit costing me £200 a month and a large van was hired to bring over the larger items inc 2 beds and a 2 seater and 3 seater leather sofa. Today Thursday November 29th was to be the day we finally moved in and spend our first night. A smaller van was hired to bring some still large items over from Cheadle Hulme. Whilst reversing back the van in our narrow street er indoors managed to collide with me whilst driving our Corsa! Thats another fine mess she got me into! The car was filled up and off we went to Glossop. No more dramas, the van was driven back to base and then it was back to Cheadle Hulme to fill up the Corsa for the final escape to the hills. Our elderly cats were coming with us and we thought they would not like it. Funnily enough they have settled quickly and are both fast asleep upstairs under the same bed!

Ok we are now in the Derbyshire Hills, its lovely and quiet and really quite dark at night. The house move isnt quite over, we still have tons of junk back in Cheadle Hulme and one daughter is staying in our old place until the sale completes in one week. Finally though I can see all our hard work has paid off. We have a lovely ( and maintenance free) new home in a nice little Derbyshire town. BT have been amazing, our telephone and broadband were set up already for us and I am using the new home hub. I have a new Youview box to play with tomorrow and the TV looks amazing thanks to an excellent new aerial. We will celebrate out first full day in our new home by going down into “town” to watch the switching on off the Christmas Lights. We will then repair to “Scotty Towers” where a few glasses of red wine or two will wash down a locally bought fish supper (well tomorrow is a Friday). I have yet to fit out my den where I will be writing and the view from the window is amazing. Indeed the view from the fourth bedroom window was the reason for buying this house.

This is aspring writer and researcher Michael Sheridan signing off from Scotty Towers. It has been a long, long day and long ,long year. The old boy needs a good nights sleep!


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July 2015...... I published my first book on Amazon - "Savilles Spinnney". On April 1st 2015 I published my second book - "Arsenic Sally". Christmas Day 2015 I published my third book " Murder Mystery and Mayhem on the Railways 1830-1899. That's 3 books in roughly 18 months. I enjoy researching and see no reason to stop writing. There will be many many more books and while I would love to be taken in by a publisher I am content to make my books available via Amazon. Keep checking my blogs for updates about my upcoming projects......
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