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When your Kindle Krashes!!

DONT panic! It happened to me yesterday. There I was trying to use the browser in a cafe and the screen just froze as I tried to open a web page. I wasnt too bothered at first. This has happened … Continue reading

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Sally Arsenic

Hello again readers. I recently posted a blog about ballad sellers and death hunters, who made their living by selling printed accounts of the life, crimes, trial and execution of murderers . I promised a follow-up blog. Here it is! … Continue reading

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So who or what inspired Shakespeare to write?

Hello again readers. During some more research  for my upcoming novel and trying to find inspiration for one particular scene, I followed a path that took me all the way back to 1611. In that year the play “The Tempest” was first performed. … Continue reading

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Nottingham Goose Fair October 1968

Hello readers. My historical crime novel will be set in Nottingham. This week my former home city  hosts  a calendar event reputedly about 800 years old.Goose Fair is one of the UK’s largest travelling fairs and always has been hugely popular. … Continue reading

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