Novel Genesis

July 25 2012

I am writing this blog for a number of reasons but definitely as a record, a diary if you like so anyone who wants to look into the background of anything I write can find some clues here. Why? As a student of English Literature at my state grammar school in Nottingham I spent four years dissecting numerous books and plays. We would be asked questions like. “What does the author mean by….”, “Explain the imagery on page x” I recall thinking that there was only one person who knew the real answer to those questions and it wasnt me………….

So how did I get started with my first novel? It was happen-chance, some might call it fate ! I was searching the internet for some information about the place I used to live when I can across a reference to a place I have heard my family talking about. It talked about a spinney where some murders had taken place. Then I remembered. I spoke about this with an aunt who did indeed know the story and told me something amazing. My late father knew the exact location and used to take people there and then tell his own version of this tale in his younger days. Funny, he never spoke about this with his own family. Why? More research was needed and the search was certainly helped greatly when I accessed the British Newspapers website. To cut to the chase a simple browsing session on the internet resulted in me stumbling on an amazing story that has not been properly recorded. I decided I should write a book, a novel and not just a simple article. There is a tradition of oral story telling in my family and my father was the story teller of his generation. I decided that I should follow tradition but fully research this tale and set it down in print. So my first novel will be a story of crime and passion based on real life events and with real characters. Much of the story I now know, it will be for me to stitch the parts into one whole and create something worthy of this true and tragic tale.

These are the thoughts and witterings of prospective writer Michael Sheridan who will be back with more comments soon….


About bakersfieldlad

July 2015...... I published my first book on Amazon - "Savilles Spinnney". On April 1st 2015 I published my second book - "Arsenic Sally". Christmas Day 2015 I published my third book " Murder Mystery and Mayhem on the Railways 1830-1899. That's 3 books in roughly 18 months. I enjoy researching and see no reason to stop writing. There will be many many more books and while I would love to be taken in by a publisher I am content to make my books available via Amazon. Keep checking my blogs for updates about my upcoming projects......
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